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The unemployment rate for members of the U.S. military Guard and Reserve Units costs the Defense Department over $900 million per year. One of the contributing causes has been the soldiers' limited access to the education, training, and job placement programs that are available to the full-time active duty veterans.


To combat this problem, we created a comprehensive employment assistance program, which we named Hero 2 Hired (H2H) as well as the logo and all branding and identity elements. We developed H2H as a web-centric program featuring a site containing all the resources and information that Guard and Reserve members need to find a civilian job, complemented by two mobile applications. Hooah managed a collaboration with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to organize and sponsor 40 of their "Hiring Our Heroes" veteran job fairs in various cities around the country. Each job fair was coordinated by our staff in conjunction with the government project representatives and volunteers in each state. We executed a mobile truck program to bring H2H to armories, military installations, and veteran-focused events. Additionally, we deployed over 100 kiosks nationwide to military job counselors and others with similar mission. To effectively accelerate program adoption and advocacy among our target audiences, Hooah employed five social media networks in a multifaceted approach.


Hooah's synchronized social media and marketing efforts have brought exceptional results. On average, H2H delivered about three million job listings at any given time, making it a one-stop shop for military personnel looking for employment. Innovative design and implementation of web analytics technologies resulted in excellent time-on-site metrics. Pages-per session and bounce rate also far surpassed industry averages. H2H received national recognition as a leading employment program to help military-trained job seekers find work.


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